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Cold Water Extraction

Don’t let flood damage ruin your home or business!

No matter what type of water issue affects your property, be it a seasonal flood or a bursting pipe, we advise you to treat all water damage issues with maximum care and attention. Hemet Water Damage is your number one choice in town for cold water extraction procedures that sets the ground for a successful restoration. We will eliminate all water from your premises in no time.

When flood or water damage affects your property, do not remove standing water on your own. The right equipment an expertise are needed to remove all standing water and perform cold water extraction. Do not expose yourself to additional health risks and attempt to remove the water by yourself. Contact Hemet Water Damage and when we arrive on site we will isolate the affected areas and focus on saving your home.

We begin by locating all affected areas, both concealed and standing. We use high volume vacuums and large water tanks to remove standing water. This cold water extraction method is fast and efficient. It leaves little to no mess in non-affected areas of your property, and stops the chance of mold formation much faster. For large amounts of water we use wands  and claws to get more water out, faster.

A high performance cold water extraction job will leave you better off than before. Trust Hemet Water Damage to save your home or commercial property from total ruin.

Contact Hemet 24/7 Flood Rescue today if you face a flood or water damage disaster. We work day and night to provide a service unmatched in the industry. Call (951) 223-9500 today!